WONDER (Day 7) Last Day


Adam and Eve had hidden from God’s face, behind the trees in the lush garden. They did not want to get close to Him or see Him. 

“Why are you running from my presence?” He asked.

Usually when God appeared, they would run to meet Him, excited about their next encounter with their best friend. He had taken such good care of them and the garden. Everything was perfect. Now they had to vacate the spot where they encountered God—where they communed and spent so much time together.

Because Adam and Eve were created to live in God’s revealed presence, we know we were made for the presence of God as well. You are not complete without His manifest presence. If you live your life outside of His revealed presence, your life becomes very dark, difficult, and dry. You quickly become like a fish out of water, gasping for breath—fighting for your life.

Like a fish, you will die spiritually outside of the environment for which you were created. In God’s revealed presence there is safety from the things that torment and destroy. You are the happiest and most fulfilled in the intimate presence of God. It is the path of life, where you can experience the fullness of joy. 

Today we have access into God’s manifest presence once more. There is a portal by which you can enter. It is song. The Scripture says we can come into God’s presence singing. But not just any song. The key to entering God’s presence is that our singing should be praise and spontaneous. 

This extemporaneous song is so personal that it comes right from our hearts like fresh bread—hot and right out of the oven of our hearts. This is our heavenly Father’s favorite type of worship. He inhabits, or reveals Himself, in these spontaneous songs. 

So, we are invited to enter his gates with singing praise. When you sing to God spontaneously, you will find entrance into the King’s courts, or presence. It is such a wonderful experience to sing to God and know His revealed presence. It warms your heart and brings joy to your spirit. 

Knowing now how to enter God’s presence gives you the freedom to enter God’s revealed presence anytime and anywhere. Now it is up to you to get to know Him up close and personal.

Pray with me: Heavenly Father, I want to know the joy that comes from your revealed presence in my life. So I will draw near to Your face, singing Your praise. Thank you for inviting me to encounter you up close and personal. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

This reading plan was taken from LaMar Boschman’s new book, Authentic: Exploring the Mysteries of Real Worship. For more information please visit: https://www.lamarboschman.com/shop 


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