WONDER (Day 5)


He appeared in the same place He always had every day at sunset and began His stroll through the garden. His movement was ominous and powerful. 

Adam heard it. “Quick, let’s hide!” he warned Eve. 

They always enjoyed their relationship and interaction with Him. They found such happiness and fondness for one another. Today was different. Something was wrong.

“I see you behind the trees,” the Voice said. “Come out!”

“What have you done?” He asked. He knew the answer to that, but wanted to register that their disobedience had consequences.

“You are banished from My presence,” The Voice announced. “You can no longer be close to Me.”

It was a very, very sad moment when Adam and his wife left the fertile garden of God’s plentiful provision. 

Adam’s head hung down as he walked into the dust of a new world in which they would have to work hard to scrape together an existence for themselves. 

“What just happened?” he asked Eve. “It’s hard to believe. Will we ever see Him again?”

To keep Adam from returning, mighty cherubs were stationed at the entrance to the spot where God revealed Himself. A flaming sword threatened anyone who would try to enter the presence again and eat of the tree of life. Man was now a fugitive from His presence. 

The secret is out: God has provided a way for mankind to return to His revealed presence. God misses the interaction and intimacy that He once had with Adam. The invitation is out:

Come before His presence with thankful hearts and joyous singing.

Jack Hayford, author and statesman, once said, “Worship is about an encounter. It is about coming into God’s presence.” There is a Biblical connection between singing of praise and the presence of God. When we worship in song, God’s presence is manifest among us (Ps 22:3). Millions of Christians worldwide are discovering the power of God’s presence in their lives as they worship the Lord privately and publicly.

Your Heavenly Father has provided a plan for you to return to God’s revealed presence once again. The secret is to approach Him in songs from your heart full of adoration and affection toward Him.

Sing with me: Heavenly Father, I sing your praises with a grateful heart. I long to know You more intimately and spend time with You. I want to encounter the wonder of Your presence as I sing Your joyful praises. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


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