WONDER (Day 4)


John, Jesus’s cousin, now over eighty years old, wrote in the parchment what he saw in his vision. 

“I saw twenty-four earth leaders get off their thrones and bow their heads to the ground before the One on the great white cathedra. Suddenly, they took their crowns off and threw them violently before the throne, erupting in song, singing, ‘You are worthy, O God to receive all glory, honor and power.’ Again, I was overwhelmed,” John wrote. “My body grew limp, and I sobbed at the weight and wonder of what I had witnessed.”

The expressions of the worshippers in heaven are extreme. There is constant action of obeisance, or deep respect, to the One who sits on the throne. Not only do the twenty-four elders fall upon the ground in humble reverence, but also, they hurl their crowns at the foot of the throne. 

When you come to worship, you lay all your trophies, accomplishments, victories, and success at the feet of Jesus. You come by no merit of your own. You come acknowledging Yahweh as the supreme King. All lesser kings of His dominion bow in obeisance to Him and lay the symbols of their reign and power at His feet. 

They know that all their authority and blessings come from Him. None of us have enough merit or virtue to come and minister before Him. We simply lay it all down in total submission to the Ruler of heaven and earth. This act of obeisance continues endlessly in the celestial realm.

Having this attitude of honor and obeisance causes our worship to be filled with wonder. Putting the Holy One and His only Son at the center of our lives and our worship causes astonishment and amazement. 

You see, wonder is that quality that amazes us and we wonder about it. It is what makes your socks go up and down and takes your breath away. It is the sense of His holy presence. It is the evidence of essence. When God comes, we wonder.

What victories, degrees, and pedigrees do you need to lay at the foot of the throne?

How can we show humble obeisance to the Lord in practical ways? Respond appropriately.

Pray with me: Heavenly Father, I want to lay down my life and my accomplishments at your feet in worship. Continue to reveal to me the magnitude of your majesty and wonder. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


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