Journey to Christmas (Day 8)


Choosing gratitude

Today we reflect on the first half of one of the most famous exclamations of praise in the Bible. Mary, who’s now scandalously pregnant with the Son of God, is visiting her cousin Elizabeth. When Elizabeth (and the baby in her womb) realises the significance of Mary’s pregnancy, praise flows from both cousins.

This must have been a time of great uncertainty for Mary as a young, unmarried mum-to-be. In her place, I’d be worried about my family’s reaction to the news, nervous about each first encounter with relatives. 

Elizabeth welcomed Mary not with judgment or sorrow but with joy for what God was up to. Imagine how Mary might have felt at that moment.

Mary’s praise bubbles up from deep within her – her soul and spirit. What’s within my soul and spirit today?

Pause and pray

Mary overflows with gratitude and praise. 

Lord, would You stir the same grateful, worshipping spirit in my church. Make us a community full of your Holy Spirit, quick to praise You in all circumstances.

Pause and pray

What great things has God done for Mary? Yes, she’s pregnant with Jesus, but she doesn’t sing, ‘the Mighty One has done a great thing for me.’ It’s plural, not singular. She’s praising Him for her child and so much more. 

Sometimes I find it easier to see the needs I’m facing than the blessings God has already given me. What great things has the Lord done for me?

Lord, I confess I can be very ungrateful. I choose today to practise thanking You at every opportunity. Holy Spirit, make me aware of every good thing I encounter.



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