Journey to Christmas (Day 7)


Seen, named, affirmed

Today Elizabeth, wife of Zechariah, re-enters the Christmas story. She’s pregnant with the son God promised her, and now her cousin Mary, who is also newly pregnant, has come to visit.

When Mary visits Elizabeth, something unusual happens. Elizabeth is filled with the Holy Spirit, and her baby leaps within her womb. Deep inside, Elizabeth knows that God has done something special. Full of the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth recognises the dream of God planted deep inside Mary. She recognises what God has done – she sees it and names it.

Have I ever experienced a gut response to the presence or activity of the Holy Spirit? When has my heart, soul, and body known something before my mind has caught up? 

God, help me be sensitive to Your movements within me.

Pause and pray

God, I pray for my church that we would be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we could recognise and celebrate what You are doing in others.

Pause and pray

A beautiful part of this story is that after Mary is seen, named, and affirmed, she sings one of the most beautiful hymns of all time, known as the Magnificat. When we too are seen, named, and affirmed – when others see the dreams of God planted deep inside of us – often we are released to respond to God in worship.

I yield myself to You, Holy Spirit. Come and fill me. Show me Your hidden work in others and so that I might see it, name it, and bless it.



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