Journey to Christmas (Day 6)


God’s presence

Today we’re reflecting on the final part of Mary’s encounter with the angel Gabriel. A conversation that will alter the course of her life forever. 

Mary has just heard that she will give birth to the Messiah, the Saviour Israel has been waiting for, and she responds with a question. It’s not, ‘How is my kid going to become King?’ It’s not, ‘How can someone rule forever?’ Her question is something biological and logical. ‘How can this happen? I’m a virgin!’

Gabriel’s response? It’s God’s presence that will make God’s plan a reality.

If it’s God’s presence in my life that makes His plans a reality, are there any areas in which God feels absent or distant right now? 

Lord, help me know Your presence in the parts of my life that seem confusing, painful, or even scary.

Pause and pray

It’s like Mary is standing on an impossibly high diving board, and God is asking her to jump. Responding to God’s invitation means risking rejection from her fiancé Joseph and all the challenges that came with being a single mum in that culture. 

Lord, I pray for the single parents I know. Please give them strength and bless them with joy as they raise their children.

Pause and pray

‘I am the Lord’s servant.’

Mary is wholeheartedly on board with God’s plan, even though it will have far-reaching implications for her life. Her willing surrender shows complete faith that God’s Word can be depended on and that He’s big enough to handle all the details.

In what areas does it feel like God is asking me to take a leap of faith right now?

Lord, I am humbled by Mary’s response. I think I trust You completely until the moment You ask me to step out of my comfort zone. Use the risk-taking moments in my life to teach me greater trust in Your Word and care. I am Your servant, today and always.



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