Journey to Christmas (Day 5)


God’s plan

Today we reflect on young Mary, the soon-to-be mother of Jesus, meeting the angel Gabriel and hearing a message from God, just for her.

In this situation, face-to-face with a messenger from God, abject fear seems like a totally understandable reaction. If I were Mary, I would be freaking out that...

a) I’m standing in front of a real-life angel;

b) I’ve somehow caught the attention of the Almighty;

c) Impossible things are about to happen, and I’ll be at the centre of them!

Gabriel quickly reassures her: ‘Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favour with God.’

Fear can feel all-consuming. Maybe that’s why ‘Do not be afraid’ is the most repeated command in Scripture. God’s favour and love displace fear. 

What frightens me at the moment? I ask God to put my fears into perspective, and I welcome His love.

Pause and pray

Gabriel tells Mary God’s purpose for her life. Who do I know who is feeling lost or looking for purpose? I pray for them now: Lord, guide them towards Your plan for their lives.

Pause and pray

This child will be the King that Israel has been waiting for, but His arrival turns Mary’s life upside down. 

She’s engaged. Normally, next would come marriage, building a home, and then kids. Choosing to be part of God’s plan will affect Mary’s body, family, relationships, social status, and more. 

What areas of my life would I struggle to have turned upside down by God’s plan?

Jesus, I’m all Yours. Even the parts I find it hard to surrender. Holy Spirit, teach me to be like Mary, ready to trust the Lord and jump into His plans with everything I’ve got. God, use my body, my talents, my relationships, my income, all that You have given me, to expand Your kingdom.



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