Journey to Christmas (Day 4)


Who am I?

Today I pause the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah and focus on one of the heroes of the Christmas story: Mary, the soon-to-be mother of Jesus. Luke introduces Mary as her life is about to be (willingly!) hijacked by God so that she can play a pivotal role in His redemption plan.

I introduce myself differently depending on who I’m speaking to. Sometimes I start talking about my family. Other times I talk about my work, my interests, or where I’m from. I choose the approach that forms the quickest bond. 

Luke introduces Mary with where she lives, indicating her age, her relationship status, and name. But when the angel Gabriel greets her, he describes her very differently: ‘Greetings, you who are highly favoured!’ 

For Gabriel, Mary’s identity is rooted in what God thinks of her. 

What do I believe God thinks of me? I invite Him to tell me now...

Pause and pray

Who will I meet today? What do I believe God thinks of them? I pray for each person now and listen for what God says about them.

Pause and pray

With five words, Mary’s life changes forever: ‘The Lord is with you.’

Before she hears or agrees to God’s plan. Before she’s even pregnant. The Lord is with her. 

I find it mind-boggling that before I knew Jesus, before I understood anything of His plans for my life, even before I said yes to following Him, God knew who I was, and He was with me.

God, I yield to this extraordinary truth that You are with me, whether I’m conscious of it or not. Make me aware of Your presence now and through each hour of my day today.



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