Journey to Christmas (Day 13)


Peace on Earth

Today we’re reflecting on the angel of the Lord appearing to the shepherds and announcing the birth of Jesus.

The last books of the Old Testament were written around 400 years before the first books of the New Testament. The silence of those 400 years comes to an end in a spectacular way – with a baby born to a teenage mother, surrounded by hosts of angels all singing, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to everyone!’

Those angels got the party started!

As I pause for a few moments, I ask myself, in what ways have I experienced the peace and presence of God this year? I give glory to God for those moments.

Pause and pray

Who do I know that needs to experience the peace and presence of God today? 

As I think of people I know who are suffering; those who are struggling with illness; those who are finding life difficult for whatever reason; I ask You, God, to bring peace to them.

Pause and pray

It’s easy to forget that the events surrounding Jesus’ birth weren’t as pretty as the Christmas cards on our shelves. Mary, Joseph, and their son were refugees, about to leave home and travel hundreds of miles to flee persecution, fearing for their lives. This is the world that Jesus was born into, and sadly, this is the world that many are born into today. 

Today’s world needs peace. Today’s world needs the Prince of Peace.

Pause and pray

John famously wrote that it was because God loved the whole world that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to be born, live, die, and rise again. (John 3:16) And God did it because the world needs peace. 

God, I yield to Your peace plan for my life. Help me to seek first the kingdom of peace in the world, to be a peacemaker in a divided world.



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