Journey to Christmas (Day 10)


Climbing the family tree

Today, we skip ahead in Luke’s Gospel to a particular moment in the story of Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph. In this passage, we glimpse the wider political and national landscape of the time.

Jesus was born in the royal city of Bethlehem because Joseph belongs to the House of David. Luke’s Gospel traces Joseph’s genealogy right back to Bathsheba, with whom King David had an adulterous and murderous affair! 

Isn’t it interesting how God works through family trees? At Christmas, we may enjoy the blessing and endure the brokenness of families.

How am I feeling about the people I’ll be seeing this Christmas?

Lord Jesus, thank You for the blessing of those in my family who have loved me most. Thank You that You can also bring blessing through the broken parts of my family history. I ask You to give me an extra helping of patience this Christmas to be kind to difficult relatives. I take time now to name those for whom I’m especially grateful or especially concerned.

Pause and pray

I ask You, Father, to save entire families this Christmas. I pray for those who are trapped in generational cycles of brokenness, poverty, addiction, and abuse. Change family trees. Break vicious cycles. Convert curses to blessings in the name of Jesus Christ, my Saviour, Son of David... and Bathsheba too!

Pause and pray

God works through families, but also through the actions of difficult politicians like Caesar Augustus and Quirinius, to establish His government of peace.

Lord, I ask You to work in my life this Christmas – through even the unlikeliest family members and the most challenging leaders. I accept and bless the family You have given me and the government You have put in power over me – for now!



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