A Faith that works when life doesn't Part 4 (Day 8)

 Don’t Let Your Emotions Give Satan a Foothold

In every quarrel, an unseen spiritual war is going on behind the scenes.

On the surface, a quarrel may seem minor. You may think you're arguing about who didn’t take out the garbage or who left their clothes on the floor. But at a deeper level, Satan is trying to create chaos, distractions, and destruction in your relationships. He is behind the scenes, taking every opportunity to produce conflict in your life.

You won’t have peace in your life if you think you’re only fighting with another person. You’re actually fighting against spiritual forces. Satan is not seen, but he is real. He is the source behind all conflict.

Ephesians 4:27 says, "Anger gives a foothold to the devil" (NLT). Anger gives Satan something to hold on to in your life. Any time you get angry and use hurtful words, you open the door for Satan to get a foothold in your emotions and create chaos. You can’t have healthy relationships if you have uncontrolled and chaotic emotions.

When you become angry, Satan is ready with an arsenal of hurtful words that he plants in your mind. He feeds your pride. He makes you think you must be right or at least have the last word. He keeps you from seeing or caring about the hurt you’re causing.

How do you fight against that kind of power? Resist the devil.

When you realize you’re about to get into a quarrel with someone, be aware that Satan has a plan to upset you. He wants you to be stressed, angry, and hurt. Satan will use any negative emotion in your life to destroy your peace. But you don’t have to let him!

"We don’t want to unwittingly give Satan an opening for yet more mischief—we’re not oblivious to his sly ways!" (2 Corinthians 2:11 The Message)

If you’re not aware of how Satan plots and schemes against you, then you will be outwitted time and time again. But when you understand how he uses angry and hurtful words to get a foothold in your life and in your relationships, you’ll be better equipped to stop a quarrel before it starts.

Next time you’re tempted to respond in anger, make the choice to speak life and love instead.

Talk It Over

  • How does knowing Satan is at work behind the scenes change how you approach a disagreement?
  • Why do you think Satan uses your emotions to instigate conflict?
  • How do the words you speak and the way you say them influence tense conversations?

This devotional © 2021 by Rick Warren. All rights reserved. Used by permission.


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