A Faith that works when life doesn't Part 3(Day 1)

 How to Be Confident in Uncertain Times

We’re living in strange and uncertain times. We don’t fully understand what’s happening in the world. We get conflicting information from every source, and we’re not sure how to make wise decisions without all the information we need. 

When so many things are uncertain, we can remain certain of this one truth: God is in control. 

The Bible says, “Brothers and sisters, be patient until the Lord comes again. See how farmers wait for their precious crops to grow. They wait patiently for fall and spring rains. You, too, must be patient. Don’t give up hope. The Lord will soon be here. Brothers and sisters, stop complaining about each other, or you will be condemned. Realize that the judge is standing at the door” (James 5:7-9 GW). 

Why does James remind us several times in this passage that the Lord is coming back? Because it’s the ultimate proof that God is in control. 

History is God’s story. It’s not circular. There is no circle of life. History is linear, and it’s moving toward a climax. God has a plan and a purpose. And one day Jesus is going to return. Everything is on schedule. We don’t know when he’s coming back, but the Bible talks more about Jesus’ second coming than it does about his first coming. That means it should change how we live our lives every day. We should be living with great expectations! 

Although your circumstances may seem out of control and what you’re going through may be painful, nothing is beyond God’s control. Be patient. God’s timing is perfect. He’s never late. He is in control. 

The J.B. Phillips translation of James 5:8 says, “Be patient, resting your hearts on the ultimate certainty.”

What’s the ultimate certainty? Jesus is going to come back one day. Nothing’s going to stop that from happening. 

Knowing that history is under God’s control and Jesus has promised to return, should give us all the confidence we need in uncertain times. When you feel like you can’t count on anything else, count on this: God’s got this. And Jesus will come back one day soon to make all things right and new. 

Talk It Over

  • What does it mean to live with the expectation of Jesus’ return?
  • Does knowing that God is in control of history give you comfort and confidence? Why or why not?
  • In what situation do you need to remember that God is in control? How have you seen him at work already in that area?

This devotional © 2021 by Rick Warren. All rights reserved. Used by permission.


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