New Plan: Made New (Day 1)

 “I am making everything new!” - Revelation 21:5 

Have you ever wished you were different? Is there a part of your life that you wish you could change? Can you become more of the person you long to be? 

There is something in all of us that longs to be different than who we currently are. We want to be more confident, to be braver, and to stand up for what’s right. We want to be free from the shame that grips us, and to believe we are truly loved as we are. 

The truth is: who we are is within us; already built-in. When God created us, he stamped us with his own image — which means we are loved, and created with a purpose. God has a plan for you and it’s bigger than you think. 

His plans begin with us being made new… transforming us from the inside out.

Jesus promises in Scripture that he will make all things new. He says in Revelation, “I am making everything new!” That promise includes us. You can be different. Your life can change. You can become the person God has created you to be. 

Jesus makes us new in two different ways: radical change, and slow day-by-day change. Over and over in Scripture we see stories of Jesus radically changing someone’s life (read Mark 10:46-52 or Acts 9 for some incredible examples of this). Jesus can transform your life in a second. But for some of us — probably many of us — that transformation will happen slowly, a little more every single day. 

Over the next few days we’re going to discover how Jesus will make us brand new… but today, let’s start with this. Take a few minutes and ask Jesus to help you uncover a lie you’ve been believing — maybe it’s that you need to be popular, or beautiful, fill in the blank, and ask Jesus to remind you of His truth instead. 

You are loved, and created on purpose, and Jesus has an invitation to make you brand new.


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