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Living in the moment can be hard. It’s difficult to simply enjoy today, what we have today, and who we get to experience it with today. We have so many demands for our attention, demands on our schedules, and demands on our mental energy. Sometimes it feels like today is impossible to concentrate on because tomorrow is already tugging on us.

Jesus told us to do something radical—He told us not to worry about tomorrow. He tells us in Matthew 6:34 that He will equip us to deal with today’s trouble only—not tomorrow, next week, or next month.

Some days this is harder than others. It’s easy for me not to worry about tomorrow when “tomorrow” is supposed to be a relaxing Saturday off. But it becomes a lot more difficult when “tomorrow” is the day that I have that big meeting (or dentist appointment!).

If we worry about tomorrow and whatever we think it might bring, we’re trying to control something that’s actually under His control, and not ours. If we’re honest with ourselves, we really have no idea what might happen tomorrow. We don’t even know what’s going to happen later today! However, we can know the one who controls today. And tomorrow. And forever.

Find some time today to rest in that fact. Enjoy this moment, this day, knowing that God has today and tomorrow in His hands. Let His peace make “today” meaningful.

Casey Case
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