7 things the Bible says about Anxiety (Day 6)


In life, you will have trouble. Because of our sinful nature and the schemes of the enemy, trouble can be found all around. We shouldn’t be surprised by our troubles; Jesus tells us plainly that we will have trouble in this world. Why would He say that? Because He’s honest, and He loves us. By preparing us in advance, Jesus is helping us avoid doubt and fear when we do find ourselves in hard times.

Jesus showed us what humble obedience looks like. He was obedient through far more difficult things than most of us will ever face—even to death on the cross. Now, He sits at the right hand of God the Father, interceding on our behalf. We can take comfort in knowing we have a friend who sympathizes with our weaknesses.

We can celebrate knowing that every difficult journey draws us closer to Christ and His everlasting kingdom. This is our hope: Jesus Christ has overcome sin and death forever. Death could not hold Him, the grave could not contain Him, the power of sin could not defeat Him, and darkness could not prevail against Him!

Since Christ’s finished work on the cross allows us to be children of God, we can also overcome sin. Jesus has already overcome the world—and that includes every difficult situation contained by it. Now, we can look forward to our eternal home with Jesus.

Jacob Allenwood
YouVersion Web Team


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