When The Holy Spirit Moves (Day 2)

 Knowing the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit also confirms the unity that exists between believers, because if the same Spirit of God is in every believer, then He binds us with each other in one physical body.

Despite the many examples in the Gospels, the human mind is too restricted to intellectually understand God in His Holy Trinity. In addition, no person can think in a divine way, because the human mind is polluted with sin and was damaged and weakened by the Fall. There is no point in even trying to know and explain God with our human intellect. No person will ever be able to grasp Him intellectually. All that we can do is to love our great God: the Eternal, the Almighty, the Omnipresent. As His children, we are simply reminded to obey, serve, praise and glorify God.

I love the Father because in His faithful love for me, He drew me to Him, made me His and cares for me. I love Jesus because He gave His life for me on the cross of Calvary and removed my sin.

The question is whether I am able to say that I also love the Holy Spirit for what He does within me and what He does in the lives of others through me. Do I recognize the Holy Spirit as the Third Person in the Holy Trinity? Is He becoming an ever-greater reality in my life, or do I need to confess that I perhaps worship, honor and obey a “Duality” (Father and Son)? Is the Holy Spirit a force or a Friend? Is the Holy Spirit a power or a Person? These are the questions that we must consider because the answers, to a great extent, determine the Christian’s grasp of who and what the Holy Spirit is.

It is impossible to understand the working of the Holy Spirit without first knowing Him as a Person. Like Christ, the Person of the Holy Spirit is living and eternal.


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