Rescued to Rescue (Day 4)


You are Free

Years ago there was a commercial by the Royal Bank of Scotland showing people riding up a mountain in a gondola lift, when all of a sudden it stops — just swinging mid-air, high above the ground. Everyone begins to panic and scream. One guy takes charge and says, “It’s OK, guys, I’ve taken a course — positive thinking — a positive thought makes a positive impact.”

They all start nervously chanting … “a positive thought, makes a positive impact — a positive thought, makes a positive impact.” Meanwhile, another passenger is quietly searching inside the gondola for a way to help and spies a green button. He pushes it, which starts the gondola back up again. The tagline of the commercial is, “There’s no substitute for action — make it happen.” 

Sometimes Christians can act like the frightened people in the gondola. We get paralyzed by the fear of our circumstances. But we aren’t really stuck … there is a “button,” a simple solution to fix the crisis. Christ has made a way for us to be free. Free from sin, fear, anxiety, addiction … we are set free once and for all through Him. But sometimes we cling to old habits, forgetting to walk in the freedom that was purchased for us. 

If we have found the restoration and hope that is possible through Christ, shouldn’t it stir us to see those who are suffering, and those without hope? Rescue never begins out of neutrality. We can’t feel indifferent about it. We can’t shield our eyes to the dark realities of it. 

As people who have been rescued and set free, how much more should we long to rescue and restore those in desperate need around us?  

As Christ-followers, isn’t that what our lives are really all about? Being God’s rescuers and His hands and feet here on earth. Being willing to answer His call, to bring hope to those who are desperate for it. 

So today, I challenge you to walk in freedom — remember that you have been set free. And take that freedom to the hurting world around you. 

Jesus heals, rescues, restores, and redeems. That’s our one hope and the only story we have to share. 


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