Day 10 (last day)

 Standing Firm

In this world, you’ll find people who are currently enslaved in some way and those who’ve been set free. But we must always remember that freedom of any kind never comes without cost. Thousands of men and women throughout history have sacrificed their lives to guarantee freedom. And thousands more are willing to do the same in order to maintain this valuable commodity. As long as there are forces in this world bent on stealing freedom, there’s the necessity of having men and women who focus on its preservation. So then, in the process of enjoying freedom, there are those who are constantly having to guard against those who would take it away.

The same principle holds true in the spiritual realm. Our independence from the domination of sin with all its trappings carried a high price tag. It cost God a great deal—His Son. Yet the battle for freedom did not end at Calvary. For it’s only as we discover the truth and appropriate it that the liberty made available at the cross becomes a reality in our lives. But even then, our struggle isn’t over. For there are forces all around us working to undermine our freedom. Whispers of condemnation, feelings of fear and insecurity, graceless messages from well-meaning pastors, constant criticism from those we love. Day after day, our freedom is assailed from all sides.

It was this very threat that moved the apostle Paul to write, “Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” (Gal. 5:1). He knew from watching the Christians in Galatia that a believer’s freedom must be constantly defended. For just as the truth can set us free, so the lies of the enemy can send us right back to the bondage we once knew.

What about you? Are you standing firm in the freedom Christ provided at the cross? Are you appropriating that truth daily? If not, take a few minutes to review the areas in which you know God wants to set you free. Begin memorizing and meditating on the specific truths that apply to your situation. In maintaining your spiritual freedom, you must guard against those who would rob you of your liberties. Any struggle to defend will be well worth your efforts. Remember, it was so you could experience freedom that Christ lived and died to set you free.

Isn’t it time you took Him up on His offer?


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