The Voices n The Choices (Day 5)

 Last Day of Part 1

Day #5: The Voice Above All Voices

We live in a noisy world full of voices and choices. But Jesus, our Shepherd, calls us by name and leads us in the paths that we should follow. As we are His sheep, we ought to be able to hear His voice. He stands at the door of our hearts and knocks waiting for us to invite Him into relationship with Him. We must quiet the noise, lean in and choose to hear THE Voice above all other voices.

I wish that this was an easy proposition. Our hearts are still too full of the clamor of the world and its false values. Recognizing the true voice of the Shepherd is not so easy if you are not in relationship with Him. We recognize the voice of our spouse on the phone since we are in a daily relationship with them. It is a rich blessing to hear the voice of the One who knows us deeply and loves us unconditionally. 

The Lord is always speaking. He longs to speak to us personally. He speaks to us in a heart language that we can understand. Won’t you invite Him to speak to you and then sit quietly and still and listen. Sometimes it is a whisper. Find a quiet place and open your ears for this important conversation.

Question to ponder:

What are some ways that you can quiet the noise in your life in order to hear THE Voice of the Lord’s leading?


Oh Lord I want to hear Your voice above all of the noise. Help me make a quiet choose to do so.

Final End Note: Roxanne's passion is to speak life-giving truths into the hearts of others. She loves to speak at retreats and conventions. She hosts her own DEEPER Intensive and RISE UP coaching workshops and works with clients nationwide as a personal life coach. You can buy her new book and get more information at 


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