The Voices n The Choices (Day 4)

 1) Day #4: Who can I blame? 

Blame and shame started in the Garden of Eden. These emotions were not a part of God’s original design of peace and harmony. We hear the old phrase “The devil made me do it.” That phrase carries an enormous truth. The enemy is a deceiver in every way! Even though the devil tempted Eve and Adam with the words “Did God really say…?”, it was their choice in response to the enemy’s voice that changed their entire world. They entered a world of shame and blame. We live in that world today.

None of us really want to take personal responsibility for our poor choices. We might be embarrassed. Often, we have a myriad of excuses all leading to blame. God knows our human condition. He died to save us from death. We simply need to own up to our choices. We need to carry our “crosses.”  Most importantly, we need to hear the voice of The Shepherd as He intimately cares for each single one of His sheep.

There is no blame for our lives. He knows. We know. We are sinners and by grace we are saved unto life … and life more abundantly. All choices have consequences. Be careful, this day, how you choose. Be cognizant of the voices and the choices. Choose very carefully. Choose wisely! Don’t live a life of blame or shame.

Question to ponder:

How could you identify blame, shame and poor choices in your own life?


Oh Lord! We want to live without blame or shame. Help us identify and eliminate our poor choices.


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