The Voices n The Choices (Day 2)

 1) Day #2: The Voices We Hear

There are four voices that are raging in our heads on a daily basis. Another way to put it could be “The Battle of the Wills”. No wonder there can be confusion in our lives. No wonder people are at odds with one another. No wonder that there can never truly be “peace on earth”. 

These four wills/voices are:

1.The will/voice of God the Father. God designed each of us ON purpose, WITH purpose, and FOR a purpose. He is the Knitter and the Knower of each day of our lives. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. He designed that we walk in harmony with His plan. He is knocking at the door of our heart always as He longs to speak to us.

2.The will/voice of the enemy. We have an enemy—a thief, who comes to rob, kill, and destroy our lives, our joy, our families and His will. He seeks death over life and has purposed to destroy all that is good and right. He is sneaky. He is real. The battle is on!

3.The will/voice of ourselves. Then we have to deal with our own self-will, our own selfish nature, and our own pride that wants our own way. We all have the common ground of the “human condition”. We all have blind spots. We all are self-centered to some degree.

4.The will/voice of the other. This could be parents, a teacher, boss, neighbor, friend or pastor. There are often many voices in our lives telling us what to do. Or even just suggesting what to do. Most of these voices mean well, but they are still other voices that we hear. 

After watching this battle in my life for over half a century, I have come to realize just how real it is. Believe me, as I have considered the choices, I have determined that I don’t even want my will, my way or the consequences that are attached. As a daily habit, my first thought in the morning is to say (in the same spirit of Jesus), “Not my will, but Thine, be done.” We know that His plan is greater than anything that what we could hope or imagine. Yes! I do want God’s will in God’s way.

Pay attention! Listen to the Voice of the Father. Be aware of the other voices and the choices as the voice you  believe will determine the future you experience.

Question to Ponder: 

Do you feel a tug-of-war inside you over certain issues? Consider His will, His way versus your will, your way.


Oh Lord. Help us to live for Your voice only. Help me to hear Your voice. Deafen me to the voice of the enemy of my soul. I hunger to have Your will, Your way every day.


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