How to Stop Fear, Worry n Insecurity (Day 8)

 I was recently putting together a table and chairs set for our patio. I had almost finished assembling the table and realized that I was missing one small crucial piece of hardware. I began searching through all of the packing material, certain that it had to be in there somewhere. Sure enough, I found the small washer in a plastic bag that I had discarded.

This made me start thinking. I firmly believed that a foreign company could make the parts for a table in an overseas factory, ship all the pieces in a box, and include everything necessary to put it together. I have enough faith that they are not going to leave me short on table parts and that I will have everything I need to put the table together successfully. If I believe that, then why won’t I believe that the God of all creation would give me everything I need to overcome any obstacle in my life? Isn’t that how it is sometimes? We find ourselves trusting a random company more than we trust God. 

Don’t do that. Say something like this: “Lord, I know that You would never have allowed this into my life if You didn’t mean it for my good. I’m not going to let fear stop me from moving forward because I know that you are with me, and I know that you will help me.”

If God allows an obstacle to be in our path and He wants us to move forward, He will provide everything we need to overcome that obstacle. He is going to give us what we need if we will trust in Him.


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