Day 7

 The Choice of Speaking Life-Giving Words

Your thoughts are powerful. “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he…” Prov 23:7 KJV

Your words are powerful. “Life and death are in the power of the tongue...” Prov 18:21 KJV

Our thoughts and our words determine the direction of our lives. Realizing this was another game-changer for the direction of my life. At LifeChurch, Pastor Craig Groeschel states that “Our life is always moving in the direction of our strongest thoughts.” Thoughts lead to beliefs, which lead to actions, which lead to habits, which lead to character, which leads to destiny, which leadsto legacy.

Remember, in the plan, Voices and Choices Part 1, we discussed the battlefield going on each day. It starts in our minds and often show up in our words and our actions. This leads to life and death in our behavior and living. Scripture tells us to fix our thoughts on God’s truths and on that which is praiseworthy. If we change our thinking it can change our lives. 

There is proven research in the mind-brain connection. We must pay close attention to the thoughts we allow into our minds as they feed the internal voice and the self-talk we hear. Simply put …trash in trash out. Very simply put but so very true. We must intentionally take renegade thoughts captive. We must train, discipline and “set our minds” to receive the life-giving truths found in scripture and put to death whatever thoughts do not edify and build up. We need to unlock the lies and deception in our thinking. We must speak life-giving truths daily.

I challenge you to identify renegade, toxic thoughts and replace them with life-giving scriptural antidotes. Then memorize these truths/scriptures and speak them to yourself daily. You need to hear yourself speak truth to yourself. Say them aloud. Daily. Write them down. Speak them out. Confess them with your tongue. Make this a new habit and a discipline. The course of your life depends on it. 


What negative, toxic thoughts are weighing your life down?


Lord, open my eyes and lead me to Your life-giving Truths to replace negative life-sucking thoughts and lies that have plagued me for too long. 


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