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 Other Voices of the Liar

Our enemy is a liar and lives to deceive! There are real voices that cry out when we are making real choices. Be on guard! We must know the Truth! Not today, Satan! He only comes to steal, kill and destroy our joy, our family, our purpose.

As a believer, our identity in Christ is full of life. The lies of our flesh often bring a feeling of death. Life in Christ can offer peace, patience, joy, rest, fulfillment, love, purpose and satisfaction. A life lived in the flesh often yields irritability, anger, bitterness, criticism, depression, judgement, anxiety, and other ugly emotions.

A study of our identity in Christ as a believer is a study in His truth over the enemy’s lies. We must walk in the Voice of Truth. It can be found in the Word. We must know the scriptures, memorize the truths and hide them in our hearts. This equips us to live in this daily battlefield of the voices and the choices. Take a personal challenge to know your identity in Christ as a believer and to hide those truths in your heart through scripture memory.

Remember, you are never alone. Our Lord cannot fail or forsake you. He is always with you fighting on your behalf. You are more than able to live the life that He has called you to. He created you ON purpose, WITH purpose and FOR purpose. When you are weak, He can be your strength. You have the mind of Christ. You were created fearfully and wonderfully as a masterpiece through which He could accomplish His good works and purposes.  Step in! Identify the voices and make life-giving choices.


How deep is my grasp on my true identify in Christ as revealed in His Word? What am I going to do to ensure I walk in my true identity as a believer?


Lord, let me hear Your voice above the voice of the deceiver. Holy Spirit, quicken my heart to the TRUTH.

Final Note: Roxanne's passion is to speak life-giving truths into the hearts of others. She loves to speak at retreats and conventions. She hosts her own DEEPER Intensive and RISE UP coaching workshops and works with clients nationwide as a personal life coach. You can buy her new book and get more information at 


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