Day 4

 The Voice of Inadequacy

I wrote a different Bible Plan call “The Lie of Not Enough”. It addresses my questions of sufficiency for God’s call upon my life. I even wrote a book called Are You Enough?. Crazy just how common is this lie of insufficiency. Now I am not talking about being capable of actually doing things beyond my running 100 miles. I am addressing the common lie of not being able to handle that which God purposes us to do. He calls us to love Him and love others. And to do it well.

Sometimes this lie of inadequacy is a sister to the voice of comparison. We peak over the fence into another’s life and are hit with an onslaught of inadequate thoughts. We are not to be like others but like our BEST self. The Word says that we have all sufficiency to do every good work that He has called us to do. Don’t exhaust yourself taking on more than you are called to. Be wise and highly selective in your “YES'S”.

As a wife and a mom, I often wrestle with an exhausting lie that I cannot love well. I have come to realize that in my flesh, that is true. When I die to my selfish nature and ask the Lord to live through me, I have more than enough love. I simply need to get myself out of His way of greater love. He must become more and more, and I must become less and less to live in the abundance of His purposes for my life. His capacity for love is limitless, and my capacity of love is very limited. My adequacy comes from His indwelling Spirit living through me and yielding the fruits of His Spirit to others. My sufficiency depends on my dependence on Him to give me His strength to live His will, His way. His yoke is light. Yoke up with Him alone!


How can I live a life intentionally dependent on His love and power living through me?


Lord, help me to live in Your sufficiency in all things at all times so that I can abound in every good work.


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