Day 3

 The Voice of Comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy. Oftentimes, comparing ourselves to others also leads us into making poor choices. Each of us is unique. God created each of us fearfully and wonderfully and then signed us with our own unique thumbprint. We are not like other people. We were not designed to be them. Not to look like them or live like them. Not to carry their load. We have a unique call upon our lives to be totally and completely who He created us to be. Don’t get distracted by unnecessary and unwanted comparisons. Stay on your own path. 

Comparing ourselves to others is an ugly game that we all have played, and it leads to the death of our happiness. Envy can often be the result of this comparison game, and God does not like envy. There is no win in this game. No finish line. No final satisfaction. Keep your eyes to yourself, your giftings and your call. Live for the audience of ONE. Listen to only His voice. Do not carry more than what you are called to do. Unload your backpack from the unwanted comparisons in your life.

The internet and social media can amp up comparison to either discourage you or encourage you all in the same breath. It’s so easy to scroll and scroll and have disappointment and jealousy grow with every thumb swipe as we over-analyze and scrutinize the lives of others. Our peace of mind only comes with trusting the Knitter and the Knower for our perfectly imperfect individual design. He gifted each of us uniquely to bless and serve others. Do not be an “elbow” trying to be a “foot” in the body of Christ. We are all geniuses at something, but if a fish spent his lifetime trying to climb a tree, he would feel stupid. Stay in your lane. Shine on as you, and you alone, were uniquely created to do.


How is comparison a “thief of your joy"?


O Lord, blind me to comparing myself to others and help me to understand exactly who You created me to be. Lead me into my unique purpose that You designed just for me.


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