New Plan: Miracles (Day 1)

 Have you ever had a problem that just seemed too big for you?  Maybe it is a situation that you are in or a relationship issue you have, but it just seems like it is overwhelming.  When we get into those situations it can be so easy to focus only on the problem that is in front of us and we can forget to focus on our amazing God.  Our God is bigger than any problem we face and his power is greater than any power on Earth.  We simply have to turn to him and turn away from the problem.  Over the next several days we are going to take some time and look at some of the miracles Jesus performed here on Earth to remind us of the fact that we serve a God who can do big things.  Reread today’s verse and remember that we don’t have to face anything by ourselves and that he is the one who gives us strength to overcome whatever we are facing.

Challenge: Today we challenge you to keep a journal over the next few days and to write a daily letter to God.  Take time to be honest with God about the struggles you are facing and then ask God to give you his strength to overcome those problems.


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