Miracles (Day 9)

 Zacchaeus was a tax collector and tax collectors were notorious for being bad men.  Most people hated tax collectors and wanted nothing to do with them.  Jesus showed another side of himself when he chose to look past what Zacchaeus had done and to truly see his heart.  Not only did Jesus go to his house but because Jesus spent time with Zacchaeus, Jesus changed Zacchaeus’ whole life.  Zacchaeus no longer wanted to make poor choices and cheat others.  He decided to change completely and make up for his past mistakes.  Jesus wants us to know that when others meet him he will completely change them.  Who do you know that needs to meet Jesus?  How can you tell that person about Jesus today?

Challenge: Today we challenge you to identify one person who you know needs to meet Jesus.  Then take some time to tell that person about Jesus and invite that person to church with you.  Remember Jesus wants to perform a miracle in their heart and change them to be more and more like him.


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