Miracles (Day 7)

 Bartimaeus spent every day begging for food.  He was unable to work or take care of himself and all he had to protect himself was his coat.  When Bartimaeus threw off his coat to get to Jesus, he was basically giving up all he had for Jesus.  He knew that if he could get to Jesus that Jesus would change everything for him.  I love the level of faith he showed here.  Sometimes we may struggle to fully give everything to God.  We may want to follow Jesus but we may not want to change what we watch to do so.  Or maybe for you, you may want to fully follow Jesus but you aren’t willing to change your friends for him.  No matter what it is for you, Jesus wants us to love him so much that we are willing to give up everything to follow him.  What are you holding back from giving to God?  How can you trust what God says about all areas of your life and surrender all things to him?

Challenge: Today we challenge you to fully follow God in all areas of your life.  Take some time and write down some ways you currently aren’t following God in and then confess those things to him.  Ask him to help you fully follow him in all areas of your life.


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