Miracles (Day 3)

 Jesus performed many miracles while he was here on this earth and he was able to heal many people.  This passage today talks about a miracle that Jesus performed simply by speaking and someone was healed who was far away from him.  While it is incredible to hear about what Jesus did in this passage, what is just as incredible is the faith the Roman officer had.  The officer was not Jewish, and he did not really know the scriptures about how Jesus was the savior of the world but he still believed in Jesus.  He believed in Jesus so much that he trusted the fact that Jesus would be able to heal his servant by simply saying he was healed.  That kind of faith is incredible. 

If I’m honest, I can struggle believing that God has the power to heal someone who is struggling.  I let my mind think about how it seems impossible and I don’t believe that God truly is as powerful as he says he is.  My doubts can hold me back from having faith in him.  Have you ever let your doubts get in your way?  What doubts are you struggling with right now and how can you bring those doubts to God?

Challenge: Today we challenge you to bring your doubts to God.  Remember, God can handle your doubts and he wants to help you truly trust him.  Be honest with God and write down your doubts then be sure to pray and ask God to help you with those doubts.  Also, take some time to talk to someone else about those doubts.  Don’t be afraid to let others help you process them and don’t let your doubts get in the way of God moving in your life.


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