Miracles (Day 2)

 Have you ever had to ask someone for something several times and he/she got mad at you for bugging them?  Sometimes we can feel like we are bugging God when we ask for something more than once and we can get worried that God is going to stop listening to us.  The truth is that God never gets sick of us asking him for something.  This is what Jesus tells us in the passage.  Jesus wants to be sure that we understand that God wants us to keep on asking and telling him things.  God wants us to never stop talking to him.  You may be guilty of this right now.  Maybe God didn’t answer a prayer in the past and now you are struggling to talk to him or maybe you have felt like God has been silent so you stop talking to him, but Jesus wants us to do things differently.  Jesus wants us to understand that we need to keep on seeking God.  What do you need to ask God for today and how can you start that conversation with him right now?

Challenge: Today we challenge you to write a letter to God and bring any request you have to him in the letter.  Be sure to be completely honest with God and remember to keep on asking him.


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