How to stop, Fear, Worry n Insecurity (Day 3)

 When thinking about big obstacles, I’m reminded of when God instructed Israel to enter the Promised Land. Right before they went in, God told them to choose twelve spies to go in and scope out the land. 

Many years before, God had promised this land to them. He had told Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses that this was their land. I believe that this is a promise that is still in place today and will be in place forever. This is a land that God has promised them, a land that He had described as flowing with milk and honey. So then why would God tell them to go spy out the land if He had already promised it to them? Wouldn’t that be a waste of time? 

God was giving them a test of faith. Yes, He had promised the land, but He wanted them to exercise faith and trust in Him. Often, that is why challenges or obstacles appear in our lives. Sometimes obstacles are things that we put in our own path. God can even use something that happens when we make a bad decision. Now, we shouldn’t do something wrong just because we want to see God get the glory. There are going to be plenty of obstacles that God will allow to enter our lives, so we need to stop putting obstacles in our own path.

Maybe there is a cancer diagnosis. Perhaps you are facing the new year alone, as a single parent or a widow. You might have just been laid off from your job. These are obstacles that God has allowed into your life, and God can use them for His glory. Life’s obstacles may seem so massive, so insurmountable, but He is calling us to exercise faith and trust Him. 


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