The Other 6 (Day 39)


Inviting People to Church // Section 2: Talking to Your Friends about Jesus

Because we’ve been given this incredible gift of salvation – a light – we have an obligation to share it with others! It makes no sense to put a light under a bowl, just like it makes no sense for us to experience God and not share it with others. That's what makes us 'spiritually fat' and keeps the focus on ourselves. We continue to retain 'spiritual information' but we never do anything with it. It's like knowing a lot about working out but only ever sitting on the couch: that knowledge doesn't help you get fit at all. You have to do something with it.

Practical Steps: Pray that God opens up at least one conversation this week where you can share your faith. Be very observant in your conversations, looking for any chance to tie in your relationship with God.


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