The Other 6 (Day 30)


Inviting People to Church // Section 1: Earning the Right to Talk

Here we’re presented with the same idea, with a slight twist. We are to have good deeds that point others to God’s glory. However, because Matthew is telling his audience to let their light shine, it also means that we can have a light but NOT let it shine. In that case, we are useless – what good is a light that doesn’t shine? In the same way, what practical good are we if we do not point others to Jesus from our changed lives? This is what keeps many people from believing in Christ: hypocrisy. Don't be the reason someone says no to coming to church or trying to follow Christ.

Practical Steps: Pray that God presents opportunities to do good and to demonstrate a changed life for those around you and that He’s glorified by your actions, thoughts, and motives.


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