The Other 6 (Day 28)


Personal Time with God // Section 2: Worship

Here we’re presented with a different form of worship – it’s by focusing our mind on God’s Word and principles and refusing to conform to the ideas that our culture tells us will bring us freedom. One example is given in the first verse: instead of believing that sex with whoever and whenever is healthy, we offer our bodies as living sacrifices to God, believing that His way of doing relationships will ultimately be best for us. Worship includes our obedience to God's Word, even when it make not make sense to us at first. It's trusting that God knows best.

Practical Steps: To make it real practical, if you’re currently having sex with someone or acting on any other harmful lie our culture feeds us, stop and look to God’s Word to see how God wants you to handle that situation. Try carving out enough time in your day to read two chapters of the Bible a day, in order to focus your mind and not believe the lies the devil sells us.


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