The Other 6 (Day 23)


Personal Time with God // Section 2: Worship

If you don’t praise God, the stones will cry out. That’s the power of God’s greatness – all creation desires to shout His praises. The simplicity of their cries is comforting. We don’t need to say some intense, theological praise – just simple words as these, ‘Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord, glory in the highest.’ The psalms are just broken people like you and I coming to a perfect God, knowing that we don't compare and yet He loves us anyway. How much more powerful is this love than that of the love songs in our culture? His love is never ending, unconditional, and almost unbelievable - we NEED to sing about it, it's so good!

Practical Steps: This morning, spend a few minutes brainstorming all of the praiseworthy characteristics of God, make a list, and then simply read them aloud to God.


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