The Other 6 (Day 22)


Personal Time with God // Section 2: Worship

This passage is fairly straightforward, and it provides some great reasons and ways to praise God. It also provides a Biblical background for why we use instruments and music to praise God – it’s an avenue that He created for us to express our gratitude and love for Him. The passage concludes with the command for all things with breath to praise the Lord – no one has a pass! In fact, if we don't praise God, the Bible says the rocks will cry out. God will be praised one way or another: we get the opportunity to be the ones to have a relationship with Him & glorify Him with our actions, thoughts, and words. Worship isn't just singing - it's a lifestyle.

Practical Steps: Take 5-10 minutes, find a place to be alone, and put on a worship song and simply sing it straight to God; lift your eyes to Heaven and with your voice simply acknowledge God’s greatness.


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