The Other 6 (Day 18)


Personal Time with God // Section 1: Praying

Notice how this doesn’t say that God MIGHT hear the prayer of a righteous person, or if that person is lucky God MIGHT throw them a bone. It declares without any other condition that a righteous person’s prayer is powerful and effective. In many other scriptures [i.e. James 4:2], the Bible explains that the number one reason that we don’t have what we need is not because God doesn’t want to give it to us, but simply because we don’t ask!

Now obviously God knows what we need even without our asking, but He knows that there's something powerful about us presenting our requests. It helps us to ask boldly and it helps us to take ownership of our request. It takes us from a PASSIVE perspective of expecting God to do everything for us to an ACTIVE position of requesting something from our good God.

Practical Steps: Today, be courageous and ask God for the things that you need.


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