The Other 6 (Day 17)


Personal Time with God // Section 1: Praying

It's really not very complicated - God is near to those who fear Him. But we don't fear him in a way that we beome so scared of Him we can't talk to Him. We fear Him in the way that we end up with a sense of awe and respect for how great He is (and the fact that He still loves us, despite our mess)! Further in this first verse we see that if you want to get close to God, you spend time praying to Him [‘call on him’] and reading His Word [‘call on him in truth’]. In other words, God’s Word helps to inform our prayers – it helps us not just to call on Him, but to call on Him in truth. Our prayers become more powerful when they're informed by the wisdom of God.

Practical Steps: Ask God to come near to you as you begin to come near to him by reading His word and talking to Him.


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