The Other 6 (Day 16)


Personal Time with God // Section 1: Praying

This is perhaps the most important part of spending time with & praying to God – the best way to face the struggles and hardships we go through is to look back to other times that He’s come through for us. Then we can simply say, ‘You came through for me then, why wouldn’t You come through for me now?’ Our prayer becomes less about God taking away what's causing us trouble and issues and more about thanking Him for what He's already done for us.

This perspective shift helps to put our eyes back on God instead of constantly focusing on our problem. The more we look at our problem the bigger it gets, the more we look to God, the more we realize that He is so much more powerful!

Practical Steps: Spend a few minutes and list all of the things God has done for you and how He has come through for you in the past. If you’re having trouble thinking of things, on all of our lists should be that He sent His Son to keep us from eternal separation from Him.


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