The Other 6 (Day 15)


Personal Time with God // Section 1: Praying

As we enter this section of the devotional, we'll be talking about what it looks like to pray to God. A great place to start is to see how Jesus modeled prayer for us. He starts out by declaring God's Name sacred - essentially recognizing how great He is. He follows it up by declaring God’s will above all else. He then recognizes that God supplies our needs, even day-to-day, and then requests forgiveness while recognizing that we must also offer it to others!

Finally, He asks for protection from the enemy of our souls. Really, Jesus is just talking to God like He would a friend. That's how we begin to pray - just by talking to God & being thankful.

Practical Steps: Repeat this powerful prayer a few times this morning and ask God to help us understand what praying looks like and how to honor Him in our prayers.


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