The Other 6 (Day 14)


Reading the Bible // Section 2: The Power of the Word of God

Jeremiah is so enthusiastic and brought to life by God’s words that he claims they are his ‘joy and heart’s delight.’ Does God’s word bring this reaction from us? If it doesn't, is it because we haven't truly taken the time to study it? Or maybe it's because we don't like reading it because it makes us feel bad about ourselves?

It's been said that the Bible is actually quite simple to understand, but we as Christians are quite crafty. We make it as complicated as possible so we can justify doing the things that we want without feeling bad. If we spent half the energy we do trying to justify our sin that actually enslaves us giving God's Word a true effort, we might feel the same way that Jeremiah did about the Bible!

Practical Steps: Repeat this verse as if you are Jeremiah before reading God's Word from now on, "God, Your words are my joy and my heart's delight, for I bear Your name, Lord God Almighty."


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