The Other 6 (Day 12)


Reading the Bible // Section 2: The Power of the Word of God

The word of God is our daily fuel – when we truly understand how great God is and how messed up we are, we realize how much we need to hear God’s affirmation, instruction, and love for us. In fact, we all need affirmation, but where we get it from will determine the course of our lives. If we get that affirmation from relationships, we'll be devastated when that person lets us down (which all humans will do at some point).

But if we get our affirmation from a good God who has nothing but love for us and wants the best for us, we will never be let down. God is the ONLY person we can truly and completely rely on. What better place to get our security and affirmation from than the actual Words of God?

Practical Steps: Read these passages and spend 5-10 minutes this morning thinking about how good our God is.


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