The Other 6 (Day 11)


Reading the Bible // Section 2: The Power of the Word of God

The Word of God is called the sword of the Spirit here – an offensive weapon. So we use it to fight the devil, but what does that look like? Well God’s word is truth, which means it helps to expose the lies of the devil. These lies look like everyday wisdom and cultural wisdom, but they often lead to death. Lies like sleeping with someone before we're married isn't really a big deal and won't really affect us, or that on the inside humans are really innately good people and we just occasionally make mistakes.

With God’s truth in hand, we can spread that truth to others, helping to set friends and family free from the deception that keeps them slave to the very things that pretend to offer freedom

Practical Steps: Keep a lookout today for cultural and social ideas that don’t necessarily line up with God’s word. Think of ways that God’s word could be used to explain why those ideas are actually lies meant to keep us broken and confused.


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