The Other 6 (Day 9)


Reading the Bible // Section 2: The Power of the Word of God

Because the Bible is truth, it divides easily – something is either true or it’s not. It keeps us from justifying our sinful behavior and destructive actions. This is powerful because we are the best at justifying our evil. This process of God’s word cutting away our human desires is often painful, but extremely worthwhile. It's often been said that nothing that is easy is worthwhile. That there is no progress without struggle. That's true of nearly everything in life, and it's true in being changed by God. It hurts.

But at the same time, we know we're better off for it. It's like a diet or going to the gym - no one likes it. But we do it because we know it's good for us. Let's ask God to begin to show us where we need to change while also asking Him to help us to be strong as we begin to do the hard work of being changed.

Practical Steps: Pray this prayer or a prayer similar to this over yourself: “God, cause me to see where Your Word and truth needs to show me my sin, and then guide me in becoming more like You.”.


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