The Other 6 (Day 8)


Reading the Bible // Section 2: The Power of the Word of God

When we really get God’s Word and it sinks in, we begin to hate those things we were once addicted to. God’s Word is a light – it shows just how dark we once were, because instead of comparing ourselves to those around us, we are forced to compare ourselves to a perfect God who is just. We are the best at lying to ourselves and convincing ourselves that as long as we're better than the next person, then we're a 'good person.' God's Word helps us to realize that there's no such thing as a 'good person' because we're all innately sinful. The only way we can be changed is to admit that we're sinful and ask God's grace to begin to change us as we begin to read and obey His Word.

Practical Steps: Read a few proverbs today and ask that God would use that wisdom to expose some lies that the devil may have had you believing.


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