The Other 6 (Day 6)


Reading the Bible // Section 1: How it Got to Us

The Bible is not just a book we read that makes us feel good inside or helps us every once and awhile. Here in Psalms, and throughout the Psalms altogether, authors explain how, to the wise person, God’s word is incredibly precious – more so than silver or gold even. It is life and death; the only thing needed to survive. And yet how many times do we take it for granted, maybe even because it is so accessible. It's astounding that the Bible is the most purchased and owned book in the world, and yet perhaps the least utilized.

In other words, it's not enough just to own a Bible or even to read it - it starts to have power in your life when you decide to apply it to your life, even when it gets tough. Do you have what it takes to work hard and obey God's Word even when it causes you to change the way you think and act? It all starts with reading His Word, but it certainly doesn't end there.

Practical Steps: Continue, whether by this devotional, or outside reading, to make the Bible your guidebook – perhaps by reading a chapter of the Bible each day to begin. Then begin to apply those things you read to your everyday life.


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