The Other 6 (Day 5)


Reading the Bible // Section 1: How it Got to Us

This story is incredibly powerful. Stephen is one of the best examples that we find in the Bible of a man who retells the story of God’s chosen people and His redemption across time shortly before being killed. There are countless other stories that we know of that have been passed down from church fathers of people being fileted, hung, stoned, and otherwise brutally murdered for their faith. If these men were willing to endure these things, surely it must be because they had witnessed something incredible and life-changing.

If the story of Jesus were just a tale made up by some people who had followed Him before He was crucified, it's hard to believe they would be willing to endure such incredibly painful deaths without admitting it was a farce. The Bible has been sacrificed for by millions of people across thousands of years and still remains the most popular book throughout the world. God's Word is truly amazing.

Practical Steps: When going through difficult times in our lives, we ought to be inspired by men and women like Stephen who risked absolutely everything to ensure the faith was passed down to upcoming generations.


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