The Other 6 (Day 4)


Reading the Bible // Section 1: How it Got to Us

If God’s plan was for us to have His word, a written letter to His people to guide them and instruct them, how could that plan go wrong? Job recognizes God’s incredible power here by basically saying – ‘If You want it to happen, it’s going to happen!’ This can be applied to His word – why would He let anyone along the way interfere/mess up His Word when He is all-powerful?

This is astonishing in light of the incredible accuracy of the Bible throughout generations, across continents, and now to be found in the hands of nearly anyone today. And to think that He did that all so that we could have His written Word & know the story of His Son Jesus. The Bible is just one of the many practical ways God has shown His love to mankind.

Practical Steps: Ask God to increase our faith that He is who He says He is, and He can do anything – including get His word to us, even across 2,000 years, without flaw or error.


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