The Other 6 (Day 2)


Reading the Bible // Section 1: How it Got to Us

Peter helps to answer that age-old question about the Bible here: ‘did humans write it, or did God literally write it with a pen and paper?’ It explains that, though humans wrote the Bible, their will had nothing to do with the inspiration behind it. In other words, God’s Spirit led them to write what they did, and therefore, we can trust that God would not have led them wrong. After all, if God is all-powerful, why would He allow mere humans to write down things that weren't true of Him and then let them succeed in convincing the world that they were the words of God?

On top of that, it's hard to believe that humans simply writing down this 'made up story' of God would have such an incredible accuracy rate across thousands of years: the Bible is the must trustworthy transcript rate in the known world today.

Practical Steps: Ask God to strengthen our belief that the Bible was inspired by Him, and because of that, we can trust that He knew and still knows what He’s doing.


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